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Unitas Malacologica is the society for worldwide malacologists and malacology. Our aim is to further the study of Mollusca by individuals, societies and institutions worldwide.

UM Council

The next UM Congress will be hosted in Pacific Grove, California August 11-16, 2019

Travel awards for WCM 2019
Application deadline: 10 March 2019

Terry Gosliner
California Academy of Sciences, USA

Julia Sigwart
Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland

Jackie Van Goethem
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Past President
Aileen Tan Shau-Hwai
Universiti Sains, Malaysia

Members of Council

Gonzalo Giribet
Harvard University, USA

Hiroshi Saito
National Museum of Nature and Science

Jeanne Serb
Iowa State University, USA

Suzanne Williams
Natural History Museum, London, UK

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