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Polyplacophora Cephalopoda

UM Student Research Awards
Unitas Malacologica has been supporting student research since 2000.

Congratulations to our 2020 winners:
Taro Yoshimura, Keio University, Japan
Potential sulfur detoxification and vulcanization in the periostracum of chemosymbiotic molluscs inhabiting deep-sea hot vents

Olivia Stogner, Auburn University, USA
Determining if African land snails (Lissachatina fulica) are mechanical vectors of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts in Oahu, Hawaii

Xochitl Guadalupe Vital, National Autonomous University of Mexico, México
Light preference of a photosynthetic sea slug: The acclimation state of chloroplasts matter

Student research awards are offered in years when there is no World Congress of Malacology. Applications for the 2021 award are not yet open. Up to three awards of up to Euro 1500 will be made.

A report of research results must be submitted for circulation to the UM membership, one year after the award is granted.

Many malacological journals have published special thematic issues arising from the UM World Congresses of Malacology.

Proceedings of the WCM 2013 Symposium Who are the Aculifera? J. Sigwart & C. Todt (Eds). 2014. Journal of Natural History Volume 48 Issues 45-48 [link to journal]

Proceedings of the WCM 2007 Symposium Molluscs as Models in Evolutionary Biology. M. Glaubrecht & T. von Rintelen (Eds). 2009. American Malacological Bulletin Volume 27 Issue 1-2 [link to journal]

Proceedings of the WCM 2007 Symposium Molluscan Models: Advancing Our Understanding of the Eye. J.M. Serb (Ed). 2008. American Malacological Bulletin Volume 26 Issue 1-2 [link to journal]

Proceedings of the WCM 2007 Symposium Micromolluscs: Methodological Challenges, Exiting Results. D.L. Geiger & B. Ruthensteiner (Eds). 2008. Zoosymposia Volume 1. [link to publisher]

Proceedings of the WCM 2004 Symposium Phylogeny and Evolution of the Mollusca. W.F. Ponder and D.R. Lindberg (Eds). 2008. University of California Press. 488 pp. [link to publisher] - [supplementary data]

Newsletter Publications
UM Newsletter published at 8-month intervals [newsletter]

Worldwide mollusc species database
A text published in UNITAS Newsletter 10 (July 1996)

UNITAS previously funded the printing of "Tentacle", now a web-based publication, the Newsletter of the IUCN Mollusc Specialist Group.