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Student research awards

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Unitas Malacologica – Student Awards

UM Student Research Awards are granted each year to support excellent studies of molluscs (usually to post-graduate research students, i.e. those pursuing a Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree). Research Awards are not granted in the years when there is a World Congress of Malacology, every three years, when the funds are used to provide travel support for students to attend the Congress and as prizes for outstanding oral and poster presentations. The deadline for application for a Student Research Award is in late April each year.
To apply, return the application form (Word document) as an email attachment to the UM Secretary.

2019 – WCM Pacific Grove, California, USAbr>


  • Peter HOYER (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland) - Polyplacophora magnetosensitivity: Is magnetoreception in chitons light-mediated?
  • Kimberly GARCIA MENDEZ (California Polytechnic, USA) - Speciation in Dondice species from the Tropical Western Atlantic: an integrative approach
  • Boris BERKHOUT (University of Leicester, UK) - Feeding preferences in assassin snails (Clea helena) in an ecological setting
  • Alexandra LISCHKA (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand) - Multi-Metal analysis of the boreo-Atlantic armhook squid (Gonatus fabricii) from the Norwegian Sea


  • Kristina BARCLAY (University of Alberta, Canada) - The role of antipredatory defences in marine gastropods on crab predation and prey preference
  • Mark PHUONG (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) - Evolvability and diversification: testing macroevolutionary predictions in cone snails (genus Conus)
  • Raveendran RAVINESH (University of Kerala, India) - Biodiversity of the molluscan fauna of Lakshadweep Atolls, India
  • Prem BUDHA (University of Antwerp, Belgium) - Brushing rocks for microsnails with special reference to hypselostomatids (Pulmonata: Stylommatophora: Hypselostomatidae) from Phulchowki Hills limestone rocks, Central Nepal

2016 – WCM Penang, Malaysia


  • Gizelle Akiate BATOMALAQUE (Drexel University, USA) - Phylogenetic reconstruction and biogeography of the Philippine Helicostylinae (Eupulmonata: Stylommatophora)
  • Trond Roger OSKARS (University of Bergen, Sweden) - Speciation and biogeography in the deep sea: a systematic review and phylogenetic analysis of the gastropod genus Scaphander


  • Silvia LOURENÇO (University of Lisbon, Portugal) - Stable isotope signatures in age structures of cephalopods as indicators of ontogenic habitat shifts
  • Lauren SUMNER-ROONEY (Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland) - What does the Schwabe organ do? An electrophysiological study of a novel sensory organ

2014 – research report in UM Newsletter 35

  • Maike Hernandez QUINTA (Havana University, Cuba) - Mating behaviour in Jeanneretia s.s. (Helicoidea: Cepolidae), endemic in the western region of Cuba

2013 – WCM Azores

2012 – research reports in UM Newsletter 34

  • Igor C. MIYAHIRA (Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil) - Diversity and morphology of freshwater mussels (Unionoida: Hyriidae: Diplodon Spix in Wagner, 1827) in Brazil.
  • Carla LOURENÇO (University of Algarve, Portugal) - First record of the marine mussel Perna perna along the European coast: long overlooked or a recent range expansion?

2011 – research report in UM Newsletter 33

  • Nicholas CAREY (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland) - Metabolic scaling in chitons (Polyplacophora)
  • Nattawadee NANTARAT (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand) - Systematics of the operculate land snail genus Cyclophorus Montfort, 1810

2010 – WCM Phuket, Thailand
Presentation awards listed in UM Newsletter 30

2009 – research reports published in UM Newsletter 32

  • Erin MEYER (University of California Berkeley) - Phylogeography, habitat modelling, and conservation of Cittarium pica (Vetigastropoda: Trochoidea) in the Lesser Antilles.
  • Gleisse NUNES (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) – Environmental factors influencing patterns of land snail diversity and elevational distribution in a protected forest on Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro state, southeastern Brazil.

2008 – research reports published in UM Newsletter 28

  • Florencia ARRIGHETTI (Universidad de Buenos Aires) - Ultrastructure of the digestive gland of the marine gastropod Adelomelon beckii (Broderip 1836).
  • Martine CLAREMONT (Natural History Museum, London and Imperial College, University of London) - What is the scale of phylogenetic differentiation in a muricid with teleplanic larvae?
  • Marty MEYER (University of Hawaii at Manoa) - Ecosystem services provided by terrestrial Mollusca in Hawaiian rainforests.
  • Norhanis RAZALLI (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang) - The diversity and distribution of microsnails in Langkwai Islands, Kedah, Malaysia.

2007 – WCM Antwerp, Belgium
Presentation awards listed in UM Newsletter 25 and UMN 26

2006 – research reports published in UM Newsletter 26

  • Rueben CLEMENTS (National University of Singapore) - Effects of karst area and isolation on land snail richness and endemism in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Alissa KOYSAN (Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow) - Anatomy and relationships of subfamily Colinae Gray, 1857 (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Buccinidae).
  • Kevin HALL (University of Hawaii at Manoa) - Integrating empirical observation and genetic inference to guide translocation: Hawaii's endangered Achatinella tree snails as a model system.
  • Ben ROWSON (BioSyB, National Museum of Wales) - Persistence and diversity in putative rainforest refugia: carnivorous land snails (Stylommatophora: Streptaxidae) across southern Uganda.

2005 – research reports published in UM Newsletter 24

  • LIEW Thor-Seng (Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah) - Analytical biogeography of land snail on Bornean tropical mountains.
  • Kenneth A. HAYES (University of Hawaii, Manoa) - Neotropical species diversity: Apple Snails as an informative system.
  • Zoë DOUBLEDAY (University of Tasmania) - Population structure and dispersal in two commercial octopus species: A comparison between benthic and planktonic early life histories.
  • Josh AULD (University of Pittsburgh) - The reciprocal effects of plasticity in defensive and mating-system phenotypes in freshwater snails.

2004 – WCM Perth, Australia
Presentation awards listed in UM Newsletter 21

2004 – research reports published in UM Newsletter 23

  • Christine PARENT (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)- Speciatin on islands: The bulimulid land snails of Galapagos.
  • Rebecca RUNDELL (University of Chicago) - Determinants of diversity in the Palau diplommatinid land snails.

2003 – research report published in UM Newsletter 21

  • Gregorio BIGARRI - Reproduction and diet of the Zigzag Volute Odontocymbiola magellanica (Gmelin, 1791) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Patagonia.

2002 – research report published in UM Newsletter 20

  • Purba PAL (Rhodes University, South Africa) - Structure of egg masses (ribbons) in two sympatric species of Siphonaria.
  • Trivadar GAUDENYI (Serbia) & Peter Solymos (Hungary) – Mapping of the non-marine mollusc fauna of Yugoslavia.

2001 – WCM Vienna, Austria

2000 – research report published in UM Newsletter 20

  • Laurence KISS (IMEP, Marseille, France) - The impact of fire on land snail communities in calcareous Provence (Southern France).